Friday, June 26, 2009

Ah! Good show there Reginald! Good show! But sadly, I must "Trump" you again (Bolly!). I turn towards the Jesus for my second answer...


If A God exists, what if he is evil?

I pray and I pray for this girl to like me, but she dusnt what if god is evil then and wants to see me suffer!


Blank, my friend. The answer lies within the question. What God is there really? Are we just out here alone in the world? Is there nothing else to life than life itself? Is God dead?


God is an angry and vengeful god- who punishes the weak and frail for their foolishness, and destroyers the sinners in righteous fashion! However, in this righteous scenario, the real God is not a man, or a woman, or even a small chimpanzee named Bobo. No, my friend, God is the rule of Capitalism, flanked at either end with the holy trinity of Materialism and Imperial domination over the lesser peoples. May Rockefeller and Astor live on as the mightiest of disciples- and may that traitor Morgan be remembered as a Judas... giving to poor is akin to treason. Hail the almighty dollar!

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