Friday, June 26, 2009

The Daily Douchebagg Mailbag!

Reginald and I are currently in a battle of wits. As such- we will be competing to determine who is the more knowledgeable! The game? Answers to the yahoos of the masses! Now, bolly! Let's begin:


What is pseudo-feminism?

Pseudo means fake, or false. So the term translates into fake-feminism? I apologize for being a noob at this, but I need to understand it in order to complete my thesis. Thanks


Ms. Clay, I'm in quite the generous mood today, so as a public favor, allow me to write your thesis for you:

A Thesis by Cornelius

In the days of yore, impassioned women came up with the idea of feminism, which at its core, based itself on the simple principle that one's sex should not define how they are treated. Unfortunately, this did not sit well with many men and women, for two very good reasons. For the former, it meant less attention paid towards dinner. The latter group hated it because it was simply too much work. So, they created pseudo-feminism so that they could still be uppity and angry about "the situation", but did not have to do any work towards fixing it. As a result, Women everywhere are allowed to complain about unfair treatment and recieve the upper hand against a particular selection of men: we refer to this as the "whipped contingent." Luckily for us men, they still don't have the vote.

Ha! Try to beat that Reginald!

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